Social Development Activities :

Fine Metal Technologies Public Co., Ltd. participated and promoted activities to the social andenvironmental benefits. Social activities have been supervisedfor the society and surrounding communities of the Company.This consideration and support has been approved to provide the budget annually continuously. It also provides the Company’s employees to participate in social activities as follows :


 FMT activities give scholarships to children of employees andneighboring communities

The Company has realized the importance of development
on the education and enhancing of knowledge to the youth,
which will grow up and be a good person in society. The
Company has sponsored scholarships to children of
employees and communities surrounding the Company, and
also donated equipments used in education to schools
nearing the Company, so that students can use to develop
their own knowledge. The Company gives an opportunity to
students from the institutions of higher education, so that they
has interned with the Company to prepare performing in the
actual work after the end of semester.


Social Scoreship
The Company’s public relations activities cooperating withTo Be Number One Club

The Company recognizes and understands that cohabitation
with the community shall be extremely important, and how will
do to these surround community has knowledge and understanding
that the company has been participated with the
community to take care and attend to the environmental
conservation seriously. It will not cause any pollution that might
affect the quality of life and the natural environment. Therefore,
the Company has established working group of public
relations, there are the representatives of employee from To
Be Number One Club and Safety Health & Environment
Section, Human Resources and Administration Department
to promote the knowledge about the business operating of the
Company and environmental management of the Company,
as well as supporting a professional training program for
women in the community and encouraging each family to have
extra income and using leisure time to their advantage as well.

Participation in religious and cultural activities :

The Company has donated property to a temple and a
community in an annual festival of the province, such as Kathin
festival, Tod Pa Pae festival, Songkran festival, Loy Krathong
festival, in order to maintain the good traditions of Thailand to
exist and carry on, and participation with the provincial
government in Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.



 Religious and cultural
 The campaign on safety of motorcyclist

The Company has participated with Kaeng Khoi
Police Station and Road Accident Victims Protection Co., Ltd.,
in the project Weaning Helmet 100%. The Company recognizes
that the road accident is a matter of everyone. Cooperative
supporting a culture of road safety starting from ourselves,
our organization and expanding to society, including creating
awareness of motorcyclists to employees seriously because
of all employees is value resource for the organization. Thus,
to promote this activity successful, The Company has
announced to the employees, employees of the contractor
who perform the work to mutually wear helmets to be 100%
for the safety of life and property of everyone. This cooperation
has been perfectly performed. As a result of this activity is
successful, and extended to neighboring communities as well.

Campaign on Safety Motocyclist


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