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Company Profile

Company Name:   Fine Metal Technologies Public Company Limited    
Managing Director :   Junichi Ishihara    


Address :   

     Bangkok Office :   183 Regent House Building, 14th Floor,    
    Rajdamri Road, Lumpini, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330    
    Tel. (+66) 2-256-0641         Fax (+66) 2-256-0651              
           (+66) 2-256-0647         Fax (+66) 2-256-0652      
    Saraburi Factory :   213 Moo 4, Mittraphap Road  Km 125th, Tabkwang,    
    Kaeng Khoi, Saraburi 18260    
    Tel. (+66) 36-329-811         Fax (+66) 36-329-822    
History :    Established   Jun 1988
    Started Operation capacity 4,000 t/y   Jul 1990
    Started Production of FMGT   Jun 1991
    Started Production of Large Dia Tube   Feb 1992
    Started Production of Capillary Tube   Feb 1994
    Expanded capacity to 8,000 t/y   Apr 1994
    Started Production of FSCT    Apr 1994 
    Certificated as Public Company (Furukawa Metal (Thailand) PCL.)   Feb 1996
    Listed stock in Security Exchange Thailand   Feb 1997
    Expanded capacity to 16,000 t/y   Mar 1997
    Start operation of full continuous casting   Nov 1997
    Constructed Fine Tube Factory   Oct 1998
    ISO 9001   Jan 1999
    Expanded capacity to 22,000  t/y   Dec 2001
    Expanded capacity to 25,000  t/y   Oct 2004
    Expanded capacity to 31,000 t/y   Oct 2006

Change company name from Furukawa Metal (Thailand) PCL.

to Fine Metal Technologies PCL.

  Nov 2020
Major Products :   Copper Tube for Air-conditioners and Refrigerators.    
    1) Smooth Tube    
      1.1) Smooth Tube for Heat Exchanger    
       1.2) Smooth Tube for Piping    
    2) Multi Grooved Tube    
    3) Accumulator Tube    
    4) Capillary Tube     
Factory Area:   Ground Area        132,036 sqm    
    Production Area    42,553 sqm    
Capital :    480 Million Baht    
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