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PHYSICAL PROPERTIES orange satr animation
 Melting point 1,083 °C
 Specific gravity 8.94 (20 °C)
 Specific heat 385 J/(kgnK) (20 °C)
 Modulus of elasticity  118 kN/mm2
 Thermal conductivity 339 W/(mnK) (20 °C)
 Coefficient of thermal expansion 17.7 x10-6/k(20- 300 °C)
 Electric resistance 20.3x10-3μ Ωnm


CHEMICAL COMPOSITION orange satr animation

Standard Chemical  Composition(%)
Cu P
JISH3300 C1220 99.90 min 0.015 - 0.040
ASTM B75 C1200 99.90 min 0.015 - 0.040
DIN EN 12735 99.90 min 0.015 - 0.040


MECHANICAL PROPERTIES orange satr animation


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